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How to choose solar panels – your solar guide. 3 tips while choosing solar panels for homes

More and more people are moving into alternative energy solutions like solar energy, wind energy etc. the most viable option for homes is solar energy. Environmental activists consider solar power as one of the least pollution emitters among other energy options. Installing solar power plant is considered as a financial investment that has a very long – life time savings. This helps in cutting the electricity bill that is eating out a big portion of your monthly disposable income. The environmental benefits combined with highly attractive financial benefits has made solar energy as an important choice among other sources of energy. It also has high ROI (Return on Investment). Due to Improvement in technology, the solar panels cost has reduced drastically while also providing increased efficiency.

While having all these attractive features, extra caution must be taken when it comes to solar power installation at homes. Being one of the smart financial investment of the recent times, certain features are considered before purchasing the solar panel or selecting the EPC solar panel installer for your homes. Solar panel is the most important component in any solar power installation, besides inverter, wirings, battery etc. As the solar panels converts the sun’s light energy into electricity, the success of the entire solar power plant depends on the solar panels. the following tips can be taken into consideration while choosing the right solar panels for your homes.

How to choose solar panels – your solar guide

Warranty of the solar panels and the test reports

The first step in choosing solar panels for homes is to look at the test reports of the panels. The solar power panels undergo various tests like test for breakage, thermal test, radiation test etc. before being packed. The buyer of solar panels must examine if all the solar panels have passed the test and are ready to start generating electricity. These test results will be provided by the manufacturer. Warranty of the solar panels must be checked and it is one of the important factors in choosing solar panels. The industry average warranty is 25 years. So, the customer must ensure to select solar panels from manufacturers who could provide 20 – 25 years warranty for solar panels. Being a long – term investment the warranty saves the solar panels throughout its life cycle.

Efficiency of the solar panels for homes

The next step is to check the efficiency of the solar panels. Solar panels are bound to many losses and having a higher efficiency will reduce energy losses. Basically, the efficiency of commercially available solar panels can go from 15% to 19%. The efficiency indicates that only 15 – 19% of the total solar radiations falling on the solar panels mounted on the rooftop is converted into electricity. The remaining 81 – 85 % is lost. So, selecting a good solar panel, demands higher efficiency of the solar panels. solar panels with efficiency greater than 16% is considered as a good choice for homes. This efficiency is usually mentioned by the manufacturer of the solar panels after several lab tests.

Cost of the solar panels

Although the solar panel cost is one of the last things to consider while selecting a solar panel, it gains its importance based on the amount of investment and the size of the solar power plant to be installed. You must always choose solar panels for homes by comparing the solar panels for homes cost and relative efficiency of solar panels. Most of the highly efficient solar panels are over – priced and are not value for the money paid. On the other hand, most of the low- cost solar panels are not efficient in generating electricity. So, a comparison of the cost and efficiency of the solar panels helps us to arrive at the best value while having best performance. 

Productivity, durability and cost – efficiency are the mantra in selecting solar panels for homes

– Solstrom

These three factors form the pillar and guiding stone while selecting the solar panels for homes. Understanding of Productivity, durability and cost- efficiency is essential especially in case of large solar power plant installations. Follow the above tips to have a brighter step towards solar energy. If you are so keen in learning more in the field of solar energy check out our other blog posts. In case you would like to talk to us in person, leave a message and we will get back to you shortly. 

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