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Got doubts on Solar?

Frequently Asked Questions


By this time, you might be baffled with doubts on solar power, solar power installation, finances and a lot more. We are here to help you solve your solar puzzles and get a clear idea on solar power.

1.What is solar power?

Solar power or solar energy is a type of renewable energy from the sun. inshort, solar energy is the conversion of the sun's light and heat energy into electricity. As the sun continues to provide light and heat throughout the day, the solar power is restored, making it a renewable and clean form of energy.

2.How is solar power harnessed?

The solar energy is harnessed either directly through solar panels also called as the solar PV (photovoltaics) which makes use of the photons in the sunlight or can also be harnessed through solar thermal systems which makes use of the sun’s heat energy to produce electricity.

3.What is a solar panel?

Solar panel is a device that is used to convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy. The solar panel is made up of silicon cells. This silicon cell in the solar panels has 4 valence electrons and is loosely bound to the nucleus. The solar panels are also called solar PV or photovoltaics. When many solar panels are interconnected together, the arrangement is called a solar module.

4.How do solar panels work?

The solar panels have silicon cells. When  the photons present in the sunlight touch the solar panel, then the photon knocks off the electron from the silicon, making a chain reaction to all the atoms in the cells of the solar panel. This electron flow generates electricity in the solar panel. When many solar panels are interconnected then the large electron flow generates a large amount of electricity.

5.How do we erect solar power plants? (steps in solar power installation)

Solar power plants are attractive investment sources and easy to erect using the current technology. Initially, the site for solar power plant installation is surveyed, then design is made by the solar power engineers according to client needs, which is then installed on site and monitored regularly.

6.What should we note while installing solar for homes?

The electricity usage of the home is first assessed to install solar panels for homes. This determines the capacity of the solar power plant for homes. Then the site or the rooftop is audited and a design is proposed as per requirements. Shades from nearby buildings must be noted to install solar for homes.

7.Do solar panels and solar modules work under all climates and regions?

Yes. The solar panels work well even under cold climatic conditions. Besides that, the solar panels or solar modules have higher power output in winter than in summer. This helps the solar power panels work in both summer and winter seasons with high output even in winter seasons.

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